The Other Side

from by Goldstein

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The Rocket: This song has always been a bit funny to me. I started off the song a long time ago, and if I'm honest I didn't see it getting as far as it did. It was initially written as a comedic love song about a girl I knew. I didn't have a crush on her, but the lyrics were some very good, funny lyrics about things I liked about her, at the same time as poking fun at her. It was loving, not nasty, she one of the nicest people I've met. It's hard to explain.
Either way, I'm glad I kept the lyrics to myself and the others turned my silly song into an acceptable song after I gave them a different idea to go on.

But it still feels weird playing it.

James #2: The first contribution I made to this song was exposing The Rocket to a quote from spiritual Youtuber Ralph Smart, which went something to the effect of "Whatever you're going through, you're going through it." The implication here being that if you are going through something then you will inevitably come out the other side. (Roll credits!) The Rocket then proposed that phrase as the basis for the lyrics of this song, at which point the three of us sat in separate corners of a room and wrote lines until we had enough to cobble a song together.



Everyone has their own trouble.
Everyone has the right to struggle.
All of us are sinking in the same ship.
Just one paddle in a sea of deep shit.
When the crumbling wall finally falls,
Don't let the dust settle, it's you who makes the call.
If the wind picks up, who gives a fuck?
Don't get stuck, make your own luck.

Whatever you're going through,
Here's your guide.
You're going through.
You'll come out the other side.

James #2:
You've been dealt a bad hand,
There's nothing in the cards.
The flop feels fixed,
The dealer didn't deliver.
Even pocket kings have gotta watch their guard.
Don't quit before the river.
Karma may not be being kind,
But her moods never last.
The planets may have misaligned.
But don't forget that this will pass.

Whatever you're going through,
Here's your guide.
You're going through.
You'll come out the other side.

Woah oah oh
You'll come out the other side.


from The Hard Art of Living, released March 18, 2016
Lyrics by Tiger, James #2 and The Rocket. Music by The Rocket and James #2.



all rights reserved


Goldstein Leicester, UK

Goldstein were brought together by a unifying love of modern punk music. From their covers to their originals, you'll find the power-chords and speed endemic to old school punk, mixed with more melodic vocals and skilful playing present in modern punk. Of course, variety is the spice of life, and Goldstein aren't afraid to mix some ska, rap or Muse into their set to keep things interesting. ... more

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