Of What Worth

from by Goldstein

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James #2:
It's impressive that it took me this long to write a song on this theme, because the idea of humanity being wiped out is something that fascinates me in everything from music to writing and videogames. I think that we see our placement on this planet as far too permanent, when in reality our species have shown a tremendous capacity for destruction (self and otherwise) in the monumentally short time we have been here. But I don't see our inevitable demise as a bad thing (and not only because it would give the Earth a well-needed break). Knowing that we will one die day is what prompts us to consider the meaning of our lives, and how we will be remembered. In this song, I posit that we won't be remembered, and ask what that means for the meaning of our lives. And while it may come across as a very bleak song, it is intended to be thought-provoking in a positive way. Originally the outro was going to have lyrics that explained the crucial moral of this story - that life's meaning is what you make of it, and whether or not you are remembered, it was worth it at the time. But rather than outright explain this koan to you, I decided to leave the question open, in the naive hope that people would ponder it afterwards. Hence the positive tone change at the end of the song, which I hoped would guide and pondering somewhat in the positive direction I intended. It represents the freedom of a life lived for its own sake.


All will become dust.
Not a speck is left of us.
Of what worth were our lives?
Of what worth was your life?

Everything you know is buried deep.
Atop our world, the rubble's steep.
What once was Now is now long past.
The ripples of our lives will not last.

No footprints trodden in the sands of time.
No bell to sound a slow and reverent chime.
Sand will cover you and all your race.
Our legacy replaced with barren wastes.

All will become dust.
Not a speck is left of us.
Of what worth were our lives?
Of what worth was your life?

*Bass solo*

Our bones will one day be excavated.
Unceremoniously dug up and carbon dated.
Reduced to just our matter, not what matters,
And not a semblance will be found of the latter.

No echoes remain of your proudest times.
No record of your triumphs or your crimes.
No consequence to your boldest brawl.
Of what worth was your strife after it all?


from The Hard Art of Living, released March 18, 2016
Lyrics and music by James #2.



all rights reserved


Goldstein Leicester, UK

Goldstein were brought together by a unifying love of modern punk music. From their covers to their originals, you'll find the power-chords and speed endemic to old school punk, mixed with more melodic vocals and skilful playing present in modern punk. Of course, variety is the spice of life, and Goldstein aren't afraid to mix some ska, rap or Muse into their set to keep things interesting. ... more

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