A Divine Intervention

from by Goldstein

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James #2:
Why do you fight when you should be free?
You fight for peace and then blame it on me.
If your faith of what's right is so strong,
Then why aggravate when they tell you you're wrong?

In the World's eyes, you're nothing more than a bunch of flies,
Buzzing and babbling, blasphemous battling,
You raise your hands up to touch the sky.
Now we all want purpose in life,
Choosing right and wrong isn't worth all the strife.
A true miracle is a life without scars,
Yet 84% live with divine guard.
Omnipotent, omniscient, all too convenient.
Prevent dissent and the deadly seven.
Your ascent may be prevented by the fact there's no heaven.

Who am I to say, you're still down on your knees to pray?
I'm not entirely sure, but was your life so bad before,
You blindly followed rules, they no longer teach in schools?
Or are you happy unaware, that God has never answered your prayers?

Islam's popularity has recently decreased,
'Cause when Muhammad spoke of peace,
Prophets forgot bits and instead of bliss ended up terrorists.
This is only a tiny minority,
You'd have to be stupid to blame the actions of a few on a whole society.
Unfamiliarity and tyranny start conspiracy and verify military security.
Best way to reduce threat,
Kill all dissidents!

Who am I to say, that you fight your fights that way?
I'm not entirely sure, but did that drone kill someone more
than you intended to?
You don't have a clue do you?

Bomb, bomb it to the ground,
It won't make a sound in the homeland.
Kill, kill, until there's no one left to die.
200 words in the news explaining why.
It's time to end this ancient trend,
That claims your life is not in your hands!

*Guitar solo*


from The Hard Art of Living, released March 18, 2016
Lyrics and music by Tiger.



all rights reserved


Goldstein Leicester, UK

Goldstein were brought together by a unifying love of modern punk music. From their covers to their originals, you'll find the power-chords and speed endemic to old school punk, mixed with more melodic vocals and skilful playing present in modern punk. Of course, variety is the spice of life, and Goldstein aren't afraid to mix some ska, rap or Muse into their set to keep things interesting. ... more

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